The Vanishing Kings Foundation came to its existence after the incredible success of the behavioural wildlife film “Vanishing Kings – Lions of the Namib”, for which the filmmakers, Will & Lianne Steenkamp, had followed a rare pride of desert-adapted lions in the Namib for well over two years. During the follow-up of this heart-warming story the stars of Vanishing Kings, known as the Five Musketeers, started to get into conflict with the rural farmers on the edge of the desert. Along with the positive and extensive response created by the first film, Will and Lianne decided to set up a Foundation, with the aim to raise funds for the mitigation of this human-lion conflict, in an effort to protect not only the Five Musketeers, but the rest of the Desert Lion population as well.

As filmmakers and founding members, Will and Lianne focus on raising awareness, on assisting with education and information for the local people as well as their international audience, and to stimulate tourism, in order to help with the protection and preservation of these remarkable lions. 

The Foundation works towards influencing peoples’ perceptions and attitudes to welcome and support Desert Lion conservation.